Frequenty Asked Questions in SEROLOGY EQAS

Q. What is my Laboratory EQAS Code?

A. Look at your previous Certificate of Participation. It is written at the right corner bottom of the page. This code is assigned permanently to your laboratory

Example: SACN001

SAC - stand for SACCL

N - stand for Region (NCR)

001 - number

Q. Who shall participate

A. All DOH accredited laboratories performing HIV, HBV, HCV, Syphilis testing

Q. How to register? What are the documents required?

A. Read Procedure from SACCL our website ( Click Services --- NEQAS --- Index --- EQAS Procedure

Q. How much is the EQAS Participation Fee?

A. EQAS Participation fee:

Analyte Fee
One Test Event (e.g HIV only) Php 2,500.00
Two or more Test Event (e.g HIV and HBV only; all 4 TE) Php 4,500.00

Note: If you need DOH Memorandum

Click Here

Q. Why is my performance rating in my EQAS Certificate of Participation marked (e.g Excellent, Satisfactory, and Unsatisfactory)?

A. Read your EQAS Results - Laboratory Performance Report and Summary Result. This is emailed to your laboratory contact person after each test event (TE)

Q. I did not receive the emailed EQAS result from OASYS, how can i get another one?

A. Your historical reprots (two years) can be downloaded from OASYS website

  • 1. Log-in to your OASYS account
  • 2. Click Report
  • 3. Under Report, select Performance Reports
  • 4. Choose report's you want to download