In January 2016, there were 804 new HIV Ab sero-positive individuals (Table 1). This was 50% higher compared to the same period last year (536) and was the highest number of cases ever reported since 1984. [Figure 1]. Eighty-eight percent of the cases were asymptomatic at the time of reporting (Figure 3). Most (97%) were male. The median age was 28 years old (age range: 17 years-66 years). More than half belong to the 25-34 year age group while 28% were youth aged 15-24 years.

The regions with the highest number of reported cases for January 2016 were: National Capital Region (NCR) with 370 (46%) cases, Region 4A with 130 (16%) cases, Region 7 with 71 (9%) cases, Region 3 with 60 (7%) cases, and Region 11 with 36 (4%) cases. One hundred thirty-seven (17%) cases came from the rest of the country (Figure 2).

Reported modes of transmission (MOT) were sexual contact (771) and needle sharing among injecting drug users (IDU) [33]. Eighty-nine percent of those transmitted through sexual contact were among males who have sex with males (MSMa).

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